From Traditional to Revolutionary: Lift and Shift vs. Cloud Native

19 Apr. 2024 | Cloud


In the world of cloud technologies, companies are faced with a choice: to follow the traditional “Lift and Shift” approach or to go directly “Cloud Native”. At Arcana Solutions, where innovation comes first, we aim to illuminate the differences between these two strategies and demonstrate how our Cloud Native archive solutions can transform your business.

What is “Lift and Shift”?

“Lift and Shift” is the process where an existing application – previously operated on local servers – is directly transferred to the cloud without significant modifications. This approach allows for quick migration and provides immediate access to the basic benefits of the cloud, such as cost savings and improved scalability However, this is often just a first step, as “Lift and Shift” does not fully exploit the potential of the cloud, which can lead to suboptimal performance.

The benefits of Cloud Native

In contrast, “Cloud Native” development is an approach where applications are designed from the ground up specifically for the cloud. These are inherently flexible, scalable, and highly available. Cloud Native applications maximize the use of modern cloud services, including containerization, serverless architectures, and microservices. This promotes agile development and operations, optimizes performance, and minimizes costs through efficient resource use.

Comparison: Moving vs. New Construction

One might say that “Lift and Shift” is like moving to a new house in a different neighborhood – quicker and easier, but with compromises. “Cloud Native”, on the other hand, is like constructing a custom-designed, futuristic building that is perfectly tailored to the needs of its residents and the requirements of the modern world.

Our Cloud Native Solution at Arcana Solutions

At Arcana Solutions, we are particularly proud of our Cloud Native archive system, which was developed specifically for maximum efficiency and compliance in the cloud. Our solution, which is also SAP certified, ensures seamless integration with SAP systems, the highest security standards, and conformity with current regulations. Companies can not only make their archive processes agile and efficient but can also be assured that their data is well protected.

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